24/7 Emergency Repair Services


We understand that plumbing emergencies often come at difficult times.

Whether it is a blocked drain where the sink or shower will not empty or the toilet is full and causing problems, plumbing problems are an annoying inconvenience.

They can also have accompanying health or safety issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible. At the extreme end of the scale, a gas leak has the potential to cause an explosion!

Located in the Mulgrave area ourselves, we can attend any residence in the surrounding area very quickly.

For any plumbing emergency including BLOCKED DRAINS, GAS LEAKS, HOT WATER or HEATING PROBLEMS in the Mulgrave area, call 9545 3366 for immediate help.

Real Estate Agents & Tenants

A prompt and efficient plumbing service when a client has a problem will enhance the agent’s reputation with renters.

On the other hand, delayed arrival, poor presentation, let alone poor workmanship, by a last minute engagement for the job will reflect poorly on the agent.

By having a chat with us beforehand, you can ensure that your agency will have a professional plumber on hand at any time for any emergency in the Mulgrave area.

Call us today on 9545 3366 to find out how our services can help your agency.

Our Services

Blocked Drains

Almost certain to happen at the most inconvenient time!

No problem. We have been fixing blocked drains in the Mulgrave area since 1986.

Call us on 9545 3366 for immediate help.

Gas Leaks

Any gas leak must be taken seriously and treated quickly. There could be a number of health hazards involved, including the risk of explosion.

For the prompt treatment of gas leaks in the Mulgrave area, call us on 9545 3366 any time.

Hot Water Replacement

Were you in the shower when the water went cold? It happens often enough that way.

In any case, it is important to get help quickly, particularly if there are children in the house.

We can recommend a new unit from a reputable brand or replace the existing unit with a similar model from the same brand. It is your choice.

However, we will be happy to give you a couple of tips that will help you make a decision.

For prompt hot water unit replacement in the Mulgrave area, call us on 9545 3366 any time.

Water Leaks

Ever had your laundry flooded by a hose disconnecting from the washing machine?

Have you come back from holidays to find the kitchen flooded from a broken hose to your dishwasher? Such accidents can cause a surprising amount of water damage.

Even a leaking tap can cost more than you think over a year if not fixed.

For any type of water leak in the Mulgrave area, call us on 9545 3366 any time.

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