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Blocked Drains

Mulgrave’s preferred plumbers for tackling blocked drains

rescue plumbing blocked drains

    Blocked drains can occur for many reasons. Whether the blockage is due to foreign objects, hair, grease/fat or anything else, we can identify the cause and clear it as quickly as possible.

    Busy restaurants and hotel kitchens can often suffer from blocked drains caused by fatty deposits while homes can have the same problem on a lesser scale. Leaves and other natural debris can also block drains, so if you start to notice a bad smell, or your sink won’t drain properly, it’s time to call in the experts.

    Efficient and effective drain unblocking

    After more than 30 years in the plumbing business, the Rescue Plumbing team has dealt with all sorts of blocked drains and will soon have yours back to normal. Left untended, blocked drains not only smell unpleasant but can also become a health hazard, so it's best to get them dealt with as quickly as possible.

    Using professional equipment, we provide an efficient service and can inspect your drains, identifying the cause of the blockage and subsequently treating it in the most suitable way. We can also give advice on how to try to avoid blocked drains in the future.

    rescue plumbing plumber working with wrench

    Call us today on 03 9545 3366  if you need help with blocked drains in Mulgrave.
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